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Manufacture and package snacks & convenience products efficiently.

The to-go-Market has been booming for years. Whether for lack of time, as a small snack in-between or as an energy booster - the reasons for consumers to reach for a snack are diverse. It is a fact that in many countries around the world, the eating culture is changing and shifting from a few main meals to several small snacks per day. In doing so, the trend “Snackification” relates to ready-to-serve meals for home as well as to-go meals. Retailers and consumers are therefore demanding more and more product variety and have ever higher demands on the appearance, quality and packaging of snacks and convenience products. For you and your production systems, these requirements bring substantial challenges.

The efficient implementation of different recipes, varieties and variants represent a different, individual challenge at every step of the process. With our hygienic, highly automated slicing, transport and infeeding solutions, you can master the daily challenges of your production. Be inspired by our highly automated production solutions for ready meals, sandwiches, baguettes, pizzas, snack trays and much more.

Listen, understand, implement: partnering with Weber for the perfect solution for snacks & convenience products.
As diverse and unique as your products.

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for your success.

To be able to understand your requirements exactly, we listen to you very intensively in the first step. Which products do you manufacture? How many different recipes and product variants do you want to implement on your production line? Which performance requirements do you have on the technology? What are your requirements with regard to presentation and packaging? Our wide portfolio offers solutions for every application in every performance class from trade to industry. 

Innovative. High-performance. Efficient.

Automation solutions for snacks & convenience products.

Saving personnel and thus costs, reducing line length and floor space, avoiding manual processes and therefore increasing hygiene and food safety: with the help of comprehensive automation, several challenges within food production can be solved at the same time.

That is why the Weber portfolio offers automation solutions for all these requirements - from the automatic infeeder or the wePICK pick robots to the unique weSHUTTLE system. What you can always expect: scalable solutions with the highest level of automation, central control and seamless networking.

  • You cant get any more flexibility
    • One dosing station can be approached several times without any problems
    • Implementation of several recipes (e.g. for ready meals or pizzas) on one line
    • The individual portion carriers can run at different speeds and even stop completely for a short time (e.g. at the mayonnaise station in your sandwich production)
    • Individual layout design based on the existing production space
  • Portion carriers are produced individually and specifically adapted to your product
  • Cheese, salami slices, etc. for pizza production can be placed precisely and evenly on the pizzas with the help of the Weber Shuttleloader for reproducibility, higher weight accuracy as well as clean and even toppings
Weber wePICK Pick Robot picks sliced cheese and ham slices for placing the portion on a baguette sandwich
  • Maximum hygiene and food safety thanks to fully automated product handling
  • Individual slices, portions or products are gripped precisely and gently
  • High flexibility with many possibilities: turning, overlapping, multiple variety applications and much more
  • Weber Pick Robots can be fully integrated into Weber packaging machines mechanically and software-wise: for minimal space requirements, immediate operational readiness, shorter distances for higher capacity and free accessibility
Weber Power Control for cheese processing lines.
From operator to supervisor.

Intuitive operation of all modules from one location.

  • Intuitive operating system (HMI): use of web technologies that everybody is familiar with from their smartphone
  • Many components, one interface: HMI is the same on all Weber systems
  • Weber OneControl for controlling all modules from one location
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Intelligent sensor technology for avoiding operating errors
  • Intelligent allocation of user rights via RFID identification
Weber is a strong partner of snack producers.

Success over the entire line.

  • We offer complete complete slicing and automation solutions for processing and packaging of snacks and convenience products from one source
  • We make your everyday life easier and take over the entire planning of your optimal solution, including project management for third-party components
  • We are there for you: trust in planning reliability through comprehensive support and worldwide service – even after delivery and start of production
Weber is a strong partner of food processing companies.
Put your products in the limelight – effectively & sustainably.

Diverse and safe packaging styles.

In addition to the appealing presentation at the point of sale, the protection and minimum shelf life of your products are particularly important success factors. For you, this means more profitability and sustainability, for end consumers it means more food safety and taste. In doing so, the options for packaging styles are diverse: depending on the product, thermoformed packaging, trays or shrink foil, for example, can be the suitable type of packaging.

Moreover, sustainability and resource-conservation are now relevant factors for consumers that have an influence on purchasing decisions and thus influence the development and design of snacks and convenience products. Reduction of packaging material, recyclability and use of sustainable packaging materials – these and other aspects must therefore be taken into account. Our experts will support and advise you on all topics concerning the design of your packaging as well as on the choice of the appropriate packaging material.

One partner does it all.

Complete line solutions from a single source.

Being a solution provider we are passionate about making your catalog of requirements to our project - whether being individual components such as slicers and automation solutions for processing and packaging of snacks and convenience products or complex slicing lines. Our broad portfolio offers a wide range of options from product preparation to slicing, buffer, loading and infeed systems to packaging machines and end-of-line equipment. Especially when integrated together, our components unfold their full potential and enrich your production.


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