wePACK 4000

wePACK 4000
Product details
  • Packaging solution for medium performance classes
  • Particularly suitable for MAP, vacuum and standard skinning applications
  • Can be fully integrated in to Weber line solutions

Weber wePACK4000: for medium production volumes of up to 100 packages per minute.

The new, compact thermoforming packaging machine Weber wePACK 4000 is perfect for medium production volumes of up to 100 packages per minute in typical slicing applications. This thermoformer complements the Weber solution portfolio perfectly, now offering a solution for medium performance classes in addition to the high-end thermoformer wePACK 7000. In particular, for full range retailer and food producers who produce smaller batches, the wePACK 4000 is the ideal choice. The new Weber thermoformer is very accessible for ease of service and maintenance. Thanks to the use of a special gas flushing system for MAP applications, the wePACK 4000 is able to cut down waste and save resources.

  • Use of servo technology for the main transport chain drive
  • More sustainability due to a special gassing system: the trim on the bottom film side is reduced by approx. 50 %, and the trim on the top film side is even completely eliminated.
  • Use of the control and operating technology common for all Weber machines
  • Integration of Weber PaperTech technology for optimized processing of fiber-based films

Technical Data — wePACK 4000

Machine length
modular; customized
Machine width
up to 1200mm
Loading area
Loading area knee free
upon Request
Bottom film width
280 - 560 mm, in 10 mm steps
Top film width
up to 560 mm
Max. index length
up to 650 mm
Max. pack depth
up to 120 mm / 150 mm
Tool top lift forming / sealing
No / No
Cycle Speed
approx. 5 - 15 cycles/min
Film material thickness
up to 600 mic.
Top film reel Max diam.
1x or 2x 400mm; 1x 500 mm
Bottom film reel Max diam.
1x or 2x 400 mm; 1x 500 mm; 1x 800 mm jumbo
Reel core diam.
3" or 6" cores
Modified Atmosphere
All information in one document.
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