weLABEL 5000/5500

weLABEL 5000
Product details
  • Top web labeler
  • Clean and seamless integration into Weber lines
  • Fast, efficient, and energy-saving

Weber weLABEL 5000/5500: efficient cross-web labeler.

Experience unparalleled labeling efficiency in Weber's production lines with Weber’s cutting-edge weLABEL cross-web labeler. Offering two options – the weLABEL 5000 as the top web labeler and the weLABEL 5500 as the bottom web labeler – the weLABEL is customizable with options to customer specific needs. What sets Weber's labeler apart is its complete integration into the packaging machine, distinguishing it from any other labeler available on the market. 

The weLABEL seamlessly merges with the Weber wePACK 7000, fusing the stepping unit and packaging components into a unified entity. The synchronized movements of the weLABEL and wePACK create a truly integrated process, resulting in a smooth and harmonious workflow. Leveraging optimized motion, this integration not only saves valuable time but also accelerates the labeling cycles, ensuring efficient performance. The cross-web labeler effortlessly adapts to a diverse range of formats, making it highly versatile in meeting customers’ production requirements.

To further enhance productivity, the weLABEL has a Zero Downtime function, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing disruptions. This invaluable feature ensures uninterrupted performance, allowing for seamless production runs.

Weber's commitment to user-friendliness shows in the design of the labeler. The label reel unwind conveniently rotates down, facilitating easy and ergonomic reloading of label reels. This feature significantly streamlines the label replacement process, optimizing overall efficiency. Additionally, the weLABEL seamlessly integrates into the control system of Weber's packaging lines, providing a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

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  • Top web labeler weLABEL 5000: up to 203 mm label web width and max. 380 mm label roll diameter, min. 20 mm label width and min. 30 mm label length
  • Label roll core diameter: 1,5" / 38 mm standard, 3" / 76 mm adapter
  • Fast, energy-saving, modern servo technology

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