Product details
  • Intelligent, digital blade management system for more transparency and reduced costs
  • Maximum efficiency of the blade sharpening and slicing process
  • Optimization of blade maintenance and stocking

Durablade®Care: Digital blade management for transparent, economical production.

The quality of the sliced portions as well as the efficiency of the slicing process depend to a great extent on the correct handling of blades and sharpening devices. With the help of Durablade®Care, food processing companies can optimize the way they use their blades, perfectly adapted to the product and application, which saves costs and increases the efficiency of their entire production lines. This is made possible by the bundling of all information about the blade stock, wear status, the locations where the blades are used and stored, operating data as well as information about sharpening and slicing processes. Thanks to the consolidation of these various data, they can be specifically evaluated and compared, resulting in various added benefits for food producers.

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  • All data at a glance: from a quick overview at the dashboard to detailed views of sharpening and slicing data, all clearly displayed for every level of management
  • Precise evaluation of performance with regard to blade and application thanks to a combination of real time and historic data, providing meaningful information on the blades’ status and life cycle at any given time
  • Optimized utilization planning and transparent comparison of different blades with documentation of daily service times and the entire life cycle
  • Visualization of the sharpening process for optimized setting of sharpening parameters
  • Clearly structured, intuitive user interface

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