Product details
  • Portions, groups, creates format sets, overlaps products
  • Inserts: format sets, portions, individual slices or pieces

Weber SmartLoader: flexible loading solution for a wide variety of applications

The compact Weber SmartLoader is a fully automatic side loading system for individual products or entire portions. It consists of a servo-motor-driven line-up conveyor and a grouping conveyor or loading conveyor. Both conveyor units are designed as retraction belts. The line-up conveyor transfers the portions from the upstream component and creates the required portion format (e.g. overlapping) as well as the format set by systematically placing the portions on the loading conveyor. In addition to its hygienic design, the Weber SmartLoader is highly flexible and easy to operate.

Technical Data — SmartLoader

Number of tracks
max. 2
Pulling length (mm)
max. 600 (optional up to 800)
Foil width (mm)
max. 600
Height (mm)
Infeed width (mm)
Length (mm)
1282 (+700)
Product/portion output per min
120 (depending on the product/portion size)
Individual slice output per track per min
150/170 (depending on the slice/portion size)
Width (mm)

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