Product details
  • Increased transparency and system availability
  • Quick identification and elimination of errors
  • Fully integrated into the Weber Control terminal and the FactoryCockpit

Weber VideoAssist: Troubleshooting made easy.

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine the root cause of malfunctions or errors that occur during the production process. This is challenging for both customers and service technicians. With VideoAssist, Weber has developed an effective solution for these situations.

Several cameras are permanently and securely installed on the machines throughout the entire production line. The cameras continuously record the production process and make it available as a video stream. If a problem occurs, a video sequence is recorded from one minute prior to the incident to thirty seconds after. This video sequence is subsequently transferred to the Weber portal, auto-logged with the incident in the FactoryCockpit timeline, and displayed as a video marker. This enables customers to view the respective video sequence and to better analyze scope and root cause of the incident.


  • Video recording can also be triggered manually
  • Recorded persons can be masked if necessary
  • Installation of up to twelve synchronized cameras possible
  • Quick troubleshooting on the machine and simple information exchange with the Weber service team
  • Comprehensive data security: Data are protected by a hardware firewall and are transferred to the Weber Portal in encrypted form only

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