weLOAD 5000

weLOAD 5000
Product details
  • Guaranteed flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Gentle transport: smooth portion transport across all conveyor units of the infeeder
  • Available in left- and right-hand version
  • Optional: integrated overlapper

One infeeder, many options: The weLOAD 5000 is impressively flexible.

Flexibility in all areas – that is probably the best description of the weLOAD 5000. The automatic infeeder transports portions on up to four lanes and precisely inserts them into the packaging machine. Thanks to the possible distribution versions X on X, 1 on X, and 2 on 4, as well as the optionally integrated die format overlapping, the weLOAD 5000 can realize a wide variety of applications. That makes it the perfect solution for a large number of portion shapes, portion sizes, distribution versions, and die formats with a foil width of max. 590 mm. The possibility of choosing from various infeed conveyor lengths allows it to be used for die formats with pulling lengths of up to 1,050 mm. In addition, the infeeder impresses with very easy handling and the highest hygiene standards.

Seamlessly integrated, intelligently networked: Weber infeeders can naturally be fully integrated in Weber wePACK thermoformer packaging machines – for a perfect mechanical connection and a highly functional process.

Technical Data — weLOAD 5000

Alignment conveyor for aligning portion rows in the direction of transport
length 375 mm, for up to 4 lanes
Grouping conveyor
length 500 mm
Buffer conveyors
length 500 / 750 / 1,000 / 1,250 mm
Power rating (kW)

Product Videos


  • For film widths of max. 590 mm
  • Rocker can be docked separately
  • Lane separation for dividing or separating with a length of 1,500 mm
  • Complete integration in Weber line control
  • Optional sorting conveyor on top

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