weMARK 3000

weMARK 3000
Product details
  • Traversing unit for continuous ink Jet print heads
  • Compatible with all printers on the market
  • Unmatched speed

Weber weMARK 3000: fastest traversing unit for continuous ink jet print heads.

The x/y movement unit weMARK 3000, integrated in the wePACK 7000, is the fastest traversing unit for continuous ink jet print heads on the market and can be used for all conventional ink jet printers for printing on the top film. Of course, the weMARK can be equipped with a "No Product, No Print" function in combination with empty pack detection on the Weber wePACK 7000 thermoforming packaging machine to reduce running costs. In case the print head has to be replaced, weMARK also permits bi-directional printing. Food processing companies thus benefit by reducing process-related waiting times and a maximizing output.

  • The display of the printer control panel can be mirrored on the Weber HMI for ergonomic operation without long walking distances, and allowing operation and print management from a single display

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