weLOAD 7500

weLOAD 7500
Product details
  • High-performance infeeder for 2 on 2 applications of transport-sensitive portions
  • Special machine housing with optimized belt transitions allows horizontal portion transport
  • Integrated in Weber user interface

weLOAD 7500: The specialist for 2 on 2 applications of transport-sensitive portions.

For transporting and inserting sensitive portions such as bacon, the Weber infeeder weLOAD 7500 is the ideal choice. Horizontal product transport, perfected speed sequences across all conveyor units: As a specialist for 2 on 2 applications of transport-sensitive portions, it was consistently developed for this very task and equipped with clever functions. The intelligent lane distribution of the weLOAD optimally groups the portions into die formats and prepares them for further processing. Using the automatic twist correction, the portions are precisely inserted into the packaging – for less manual intervention and more hygiene. Empty packages are no longer an issue in a line with the weLOAD 7500: The empty spaces created by the Vario feeder are filled as much as possible by independent, two-part buffer conveyors. The possibility of choosing from various infeed conveyor lengths allows it to be used for die formats with pulling lengths of up to 1,050 mm. In addition, the infeeder impresses with very easy handling and the highest hygiene standards.

Seamlessly integrated, intelligently networked: Weber infeeders can naturally be fully integrated in Weber wePACK thermoformer packaging machines – for a perfect mechanical connection and a highly functional process.

Technical Data — weLOAD 7500

Alignment conveyor for aligning portion rows in the direction of transport
length 375 mm
Format conveyor
275 mm
Grouping conveyors
length 324 / 500 mm
Buffer conveyors
length 500 / 750 / 1,000 / 1,250 mm
Power rating (kW)

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  • Gentle transport: smooth portion transport across all conveyor units of the infeeder
  • Optimized portion flow
  • Precise infeeding accuracy
  • Optional top sorting conveyor
  • Compact and uniform design of all machine stands (less space required and better accessibility)
  • Empty package reduction (optional)
  • Twist correction (optional)

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