wePRESS 5700
Product details
  • Ideally suited for quick-frozen and deep-frozen products like bacon or cured ham, for example
  • Exclusively servo drive technology – no hydraulics, no pneumatics
  • High performance: forms up to 15 products per minute, depending on the application
  • Powerful, sustainable, and energy-efficient thanks to the intelligent Weber DynaForm technology

Preparation is everything – and now more efficient than ever with the Weber wePRESS.

Higher yield, more automation, and more sustainability: With the Weber wePRESS line of forming presses, products like bacon, cured ham, and fresh meat can be perfectly formed. Thanks to the intelligent Weber DynaForm servo-driven press technology, the products are formed gently and efficiently, with powerful precision. The products are formed evenly from all sides to the required length, width, and height.

Product-specific press sequences ensure perfect forming which makes for outstanding slicing results and increases yield as well. Product preparation with form pressing is particularly important when processing uneven natural products. Depending on the requirements and the applications, you can choose between the following wePRESS versions.

Weber wePRESS 5300: Soft and gentle pressing with high power – this version of the Weber forming press was developed specifically for quick-frozen, not deep-frozen products and is the perfect choice for fresh meat applications.

Weber wePRESS 5500: The wePRESS 5500 stands out for its powerful and gentle pressing which makes it the ideal solution for deep-frozen, cured, and smoked products like cured hams.

Weber wePRESS 5700: The right solution for quick-frozen or deep-frozen products: This highly efficient solution combines maximum performance with powerful pressing and achieves first-class results with every application for bacon and cured ham products.

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  • More yield thanks to perfectly formed products
  • Resource-saving: no hydraulics – no cooling, no compressed air
  • Maximum operational reliability thanks to crash prevention via RFID coding of the tooling
  • Light-weight, tool-free installation and removal for cleaning and assembly
  • Depending on the application and available floor space, different loading options are available
  • Ergonomic: light grid safety technology for fast manual loading
  • Available as stand-alone or integrated in line option
  • Intelligent log-lift loader: savings on labor costs, appreciable increase in production and performance
  • Ideal for end-to-end process automation because manual trimming is no longer required
  • Weber's hygienic standards: open machine design for high visibility and easy accessibility for cleaning and inspection
  • Seamless integration into Weber line control with Weber OneControl

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