weSORT 5000/7000

weSORT 5000/7000
Product details
  • Converging on one or two lanes
  • Two outputs for empty packs and filled bad packs
  • Improved overall line performance (OEE)

Weber weSORT 5000/7000: Separation robot with empty and bad pack ejection.

The Weber weSORT models 5000 and 7000 are converging robots with integrated linear compiler for separate empty and bad pack ejection. With the help of these weSORT models, several packing lanes can be merged into either one or two lanes. An optional rotary axis in the compiler allows the packs to be rotated. To reduce waste and increase process reliability, up to five different criteria for pack sorting can also be set in order to eject empty packs, defined bad packs and, if necessary, packs for quality control from the process. Decisive added value is achieved in particular in a line network with other Weber components: the HMI of the complete packaging unit can be installed either only on the wePACK packaging machine or on both components, which makes it easier to adapt the operating options to the specific set-up conditions in white and gray areas. Reduction of changeover times as well as the elimination of error sources when changing programs are the result.

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  • Optional: mechanical integration with wePACK packaging machine to reduce line length
  • Automatic rejection of bad packs
  • Optional: expansion options for up to five sorting directions for good and bad packs
  • Optional: Magazine system for several minutes of portion buffering to increase line OEE

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