Your ultimate Performance Slicer.

The new Weber weSLICE 7500.

A unique variety of high-performance slicing, feeding and portioning systems capable of up to 1,850 rpm – now all possible with the Weber Slicer weSLICE 7500 Performance Slicer. Thanks to the 500 mm and 220 mm wide slicing shaft, the slicer is perfect for a wide range of applications for standard diameter products, but even cheese, ham, bacon or special slicing applications, such as whole muscle and quartering, can be achieved with precision and efficiency with the weSLICE 7500.

Groundbreaking hygienic design.

Switching products is especially simple, safe, and quick.

Thanks to a new guide system in the infeed area and product guidance, tool changes when switching products are especially simple, safe, and quick. The large variety of product infeed systems is the only one of its kind in the market: Customers can choose between GripnGo, a lane-independent vario product infeed, or ContiFlow infeeding without reloading break, which was developed specifically for use with Flowpack packaging machines. All systems guarantee that the product is treated extremely gently during the infeeding process while reloading times are very short. In combination with the available performance slicing systems, this guarantees maximum performance and lets operators perfectly configure the slicer for a wide variety of applications. Moreover, the vario technology of the weSLICE 7500, which enables lane-independent product infeeding, contributes to excellent yield with natural products like bacon.

Optionally, the infeed module of the slicer can be equipped with a scale function. This lets operators capture the exact weight of all products fed into the line and even determine the line performance with regard to yield. Moreover, this slicer configuration can accommodate an integrated Weber scanner (weSCAN) to minimize line length. Of course, the weSLICE 7500 also compels with its groundbreaking hygienic design, which satisfies even the most stringent hygiene demands and allows for easy accessibility of all areas for easier retooling and cleaning. This is achieved for instance with uncompromisingly open design and the complete absence of cavities.

Weber weSLICE 7000.

The new Weber Performance Slicer is also available as a circular blade slicing machine. The weSLICE 7000 Slicer has identical feature options and is suitable for an equally diverse range of applications.


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