Efficient. High-performance. Automated.

The 3 in 1 solution – cheese cubes, cheese pieces, and cheese slices on one line.

Our customer asked for the ability to process cubes, pieces, and slices of different types of cheese on one line and thus set a newstandard for flexibility in cheese processing. The changeover between the respective applications should take as little time as possible, of course, in order to maximize the line's operating time.

A highly flexible Weber line solution was able to deliver on all those requirements thanks to the efficient combination of the Weber shuttle system, a versatile stamping station for cheese cubes, and the Weber pick robot wePICK. And not only that: The high level of line automation saves both valuable time and personnel. 

By the way: The stamping station can not only cut cheese cubes into weight-accurate portions of any size, but can also produce individual shapes such as stars, hearts and other outlines.  This means that this line's processing capabilities are virtually limitless!

X-ray scanner, slicer & weigher.

Perfectly networked for maximum yield.

The basis for the efficient processing of the product is the combination of the X-ray scanner weSCAN 7000, the slicer weSLICE 7500, and the weigher. The perfect process integration of accurate density and weight determination, especially for perforated cheese applications such as Emmental, lane-specific feeding of the product (Variogripper) to the blade, and subsequent precise weighing of each individual portion ensures maximum yield with minimum give-away. This way you get maximum use out of your product. 

Highly flexible, fully networked, highly automated, low personnel cost – the Weber line solution consisting of

not only processes stacked and shingled cheese portions but also cheese pieces and cubes from different types of cheese, such as Gouda or Emmental. This means maximum flexibility and a wide range of applications on a single line.

The perfect combination.

The combination of shuttle system, stamping station and pick robot ensures perfectly cut cheese cubes.

The cheese cubes, cut on two lanes, are then transferred gently and synchronously to the carriers of the weSHUTTLE with the ShuttleLoader. Depending on the application, different shuttle carriers are used: flat carriers for cheese slices and specially designed carriers for cheese cubes. The buffer section of the weSHUTTLE bridges the reloading time of the slicer , utilizing every second and ensuring a continuous production flow. Before the cheese pieces are cut into cubes, the alignment station guarantees that they are positioned correctly. Only then, using a cutting wire grid that fits exactly in the designated grid of the shuttle carrier, the cheese pieces are divided. The result is perfectly cut cheese cubes – even with perforated cheese applications. 

The seamless integration of the shuttle system, stamping station, and double picker ensures that further processing of the weight-accurate cheese cube portions happens immediately: Thanks to the cutting wire monitoring system that measures the tension in the cutting wire, the picker knows the exact timing of the cheese cube cutting. This guarantees time efficient insertion of the portions into the packaging. The careful placement of the portions prevents cubes from slipping and guarantees perfect product presentation. The use of a picker allows for hygienic and product placement without manual intervention. Additionally, the use of a double picker increases the total output of the line to 80 packages per minute. Of course, the cheese portions can then be individually packaged: whether a paper tray in combination with a tubular bag package, tray sealed, or thermoformed packaging – the pick robot can place the portions in all common types of packaging. 

Fast & efficient.

Easy changeover for maximum operating time.

The changeover of the entire line from cheese cubes to slices is accomplished in a just a few easy steps that require no tools. The shuttle carriers and picker grippers are replaced, the stamping and alignment station are taken out of operation, the cutting frame swung out, and the cleaning station converted to flat shuttle carriers. This saves valuable production time and, consequently, money!

A wide range of applications, high performance, maximum level of automation, short changeover times – all of these contribute to maximum line efficiency and flexibility. With a line solution that is thought out down to the smallest detail, we are able to perfectly meet the needs of our customer.


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