High performance for every application.

More is more – the ultimate solution for processors with a wide product range.

Here is what our customer asked for: one high performing processing solution for a variety of meat and deli products within a small footprint that had the flexibility to produce multiple portion shapes and designs. Our solution: a complete line from Weber tailored to the exact customer need and that will enable our customer to master any production challenges. Through the combination of a Weber weSLICE 4500 slicer with involute blade and a SmartPicker with integrated dynamic buffer and double portion picker arm high performance in the compact space is guaranteed. Shaved Meat applications and overlapping portions can be processed efficiently without any difficulty. 

Quick changeovers and the need for fewer operators on the line increase the cost efficiency of the production further. In the loading area the SmartPicker reduces the number of necessary personnel from three to one – even for the more complicated shaved meat applications. What’s more, this line doesn’t just process meat and deli products, but also cheese and plant-based products with ease!

Ideal for full-range suppliers.

Our Components in this line solution.

The Weber line solution with

  • Scanner weSCAN
  • weSLICE 4500 slicer
  • Weigher
  • wePICK 7110 SmartPicker 
  • wePACK 7000

delivers maximum performance for every application – whether shingled, stacked, overlapped or shaved meat – and is therefore ideal for full-range suppliers.

Weber weSLICE 4500.

Small footprint, maximum flexibility.

The compact weSLICE 4500, equipped with an involute blade, provides high performance a wide variety of applications, Shaved Meat in particular. In combination with the weSCAN, the slicer delivers maximum product yield. Thanks to the tool-free mounting of the two active product separators changing the slicer over to another application is exceptionally easy – which saves time and increases the operating time of the entire line as a result. 

Highly automated and efficient.

One picker & thermoformer for a complete range of products.

The Weber PickRobot offers versatile adaptability to handle all products and portion shapes, making it an ideal solution for the diverse tasks of this production line. The wePICK 7110 SmartPicker automatically and gently loads sliced portions in the packaging – a critical feature for especially shaved meat applications. This guarantees high portion consistency and quality in the package. The optional double portion gripper can simultaneously load two portions in two separate packages for overlapping applications  and for increasing line performance to 96 packages per minute. Changing from a single portion to a double portion gripper picker is easy and toolless, saving valuable production time.

The Weber wePACK 7000 thermoformer uses advanced servo technology to efficiently and safely package the portions. Depending on the application, our wePACK 7000 can be used for different package shapes to ensure optimum product presentation. With high performance for every application, maximum flexibility, fast changeover times, minimal personnel requirements, and a compact footprint, this production line is the ultimate solution for processors with a wide range of products.


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