Two Weber lines – one complete solution.

1 in 2: Shaved Meat Applications Without Compromises.

Our customer wanted to raise his mono application to a new level: Shaved Meat in particularly large portions with double line capacity, maximum hygiene and minimum personal costs. With two lines built to mirror each other, we have mastered this challenge and redefined the world of mono applications: For loading and operating both lines with only two operators needed!

Another distinctive feature: Thanks to the two TS700 slicers’ externally situated control cabinets (Remote Cabinet), the slicers can be sterilized in the extraordinarily hygienic steaming process and provide an extremely high level of hygiene and safety as a result.

Both lines consist of

  • TS700 slicers – each in mirrored design
  • Separate ”Remote Cabinet” slicer control cabinet
  • CCU portioning unit
  • Weigher
  • weROCK
  • Reject conveyor
  • weLOAD 5000

and are best suited for the challenging mono application of Shaved Meat in large portions. This is where top performance meets innovation and maximum hygiene. Thanks to the mirrored configuration, the two lines together can produce up to 120 packages of 450 grams with 42 slices per minute – perfectly suited for the US market. Needless to say, the line could process many other applications and a variety of products. 

Revolutionizing the entire operating process.

Precision right from the start with minimum labor cost.

The mirror-image system is already revolutionizing the entire operating process with the first processing step: Both slicers are loaded by just one person who switches between the two lines. This ensures consistent product supply of both lines and increases productivity overall. The automatic product alignment per loading conveyor involving specially designed software and the upper support cassette in the TS700 slicer ensure a safe and precise infeed of the products all the way to the cutting edge. This guarantees maximum precision from the outset even with the long raw products of 1,850 mm. The portioning conveyor lengthened and rounded specifically for Shaved Meat applications guarantees an outstandingly attractive portion structure, even with heavy weights. If defect portions are found at any time, they are rejected. The removal is controlled by the reject conveyor at the angle of 90° to the center of both slicer lines. As a result, the portions of both lines which are short in weight can be processed here too by just one person. The weLOAD 5000 with extended line distributor bypasses potential punch distortions of the bottom foil on the packaging machine. Thanks to the extended insert belt the Shaved Meat portions are transferred to the packaging machine particularly gently.

Hygiene and safety first and foremost.

The slicers of both lines were equipped with a separate control cabinet. This makes it possible to clean the rest of the slicer unit easily and hygienically via the steaming process because all temperature- and moisture-sensitive parts are situated externally. The steaming eliminates all residual germs and guarantees unrivaled hygiene as a result. The incomparable complete solution of two lines built to mirror each other sets new standards when it comes to processing mono applications: Thanks to the well-thought-out configuration only a minimum expense in personnel is required, without having to forgo maximum hygiene and top performance in the process. 


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